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An AEOL Release provides many obvious, but more importantly hidden benefits, so why are they advantageous for your company?


Targeted & relevant audience

AEOL is one of, if not Australia's largest online engineering news resources for the consulting and construction engineering community. Your media is presented to relevant and industry specific users by way of a powerful search engine and RSS platform. AEOL help to increase your online profile with investors, clients, authorities, students, prospects and industry members.

General Internet V's AEOL

You place your news online so your audience can find you, correct? But how much online clutter prevents them?

AEOL collates and optimises engineering related news and effectively serves this news directly to our users. We also enable our users to fully interact with all your company's online media, continuously driving traffic back to your website.

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Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the most important yet hidden features of AEOL Releases. Each page is optimised for search engines to discover, allowing  many of our releases to rank well in major search engine results. We also provide links to your online assets helping to build there SEO performance over time as well.


Now that you better understand some of the benefits AEOL can provide your Online Media why not get started creating an AEOL Release or consider our pricing.

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AEOL Release Benefits
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